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Violinist in India: Striking Chords of Harmony

“Every single day is a growth and the day you stop learning, you stop growing,” is the life’s motto of Guinness Book of World Records holder The Famous Violinist in India Sandeep Thakur. A new-age, extremely gifted, dynamic musician, Sandeep is a fourth-generation from the family taking its illustrious legacy forward, a formidable musician for whom music runs in his blood. His father Mr. Suraj Singh Thakur is a well-renowned and respected frontline violinist from the legendary, golden era of Laxmikant – Pyarelal, Shankar Jai Kishan, Kalyanji Anandji, Bappi Lahiri, RD Burman, Madan Mohan, O.P.Nayyar, Khayyam, and more celebrated artists of that generation.

Violinist in India

Sandeep Thakur has inspired many and is instrumental in bringing revolutionary change among the new generation. A trendsetter who has redefined age-old perceptions and beliefs of how a musician is viewed, he has created a spark of hope for the aspiring youngsters who wish to take up the violin as their full-time career. A responsible musician who has changed the way people perceived violin conventionally.

Sandeep the greatest violinist in India started learning music in Western Classical Discipline and now has made a foray into the electronic music genre. Bollywood continues to be his soul calling. Sandeep has always been experimental with various genres and collaborations. He has featured in String Quartet, Sonata, Baroque Music, Symphony, Orchestra, Cello Rock, Crossover Music, Celtic Music, Popular, Romantic and more. Not just restricting himself to being just violinist in India, but he sings melodiously and has knowledge and expertise of Music production. He is presently working on an original composition that is set for release. He says, “The more you grow in music, a humble life will you practice”.

entertaining violinist in India

Sandeep’s thriving career kicked off with Bollywood; Performing at the top clubs of the country gets him excited. But the maximum share of respect and remuneration is earned at weddings and Corporate gigs where he stands out as a classy brand of fineness and versatility.  The variety of people that he has come across in terms of clients, audience, colleagues, and associates is overwhelming. Currently, he is working on his originals and the business side of music.

Most entertaining violinist in India

Sandeep says, “I got music in legacy and I will leave behind my music and much more for the world to cherish when it is the time to bid goodbye. Artist never dies, his work serves until time of eternity for generations to come.”

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